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4 things to be careful when buying bedsheet for your kid's room

4 things to be careful when buying bedsheet for your kid's room

We all get creative and sometimes even finicky when it comes to buying bedsheets for  kids'  room.

Depending on the age and  interests of your child, you might  relate their room's bedsheet with marvel comics for boys and something from Disney’s for little girls.

Do you know that just beyond a good design and a bright or funcky color combination, a bedsheet has  crucial roll in the sleep cycle, concentration and overall health of your child?

Here are some tips you should consider before buying a new bedsheet for your kid.

Stay away from  harmful Chemicals:

 If you choose to be a bit mindful about the fabric of the bedsheets you're buying, you'd be surprised how many bedding manufacturers make their bed sheets using toxic bleaches, dyes and chemicals which are harmful for skin and may even cause many serious diseases.

Many bedsheets have chemicals  which have  harmful skin irritants such as formaldehyde, pesticides, and phthalates. Formaldehyde is used as an anti-wrinkle agent during the manufacturing process of bed linens and prolonged exposure to formaldehyde could cause skin allergies

and asthma. Pesticides are used while cotton fabric production and prolonged exposure to the fabric pesticides is associated with neurodevelopmental disorders and weakened immune systems. Phthalates are used as dyes during the manufacture of bed linens and phthalates are associated with disorders such as asthma, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autism. Unfortunately, you can’t remove all the chemicals completely after washing, the chemicals get incorporated  into the fibers of the fabric. Therefore, the best bet is to go for the highest quality fabric.

Cotton, but right one:

It has become a common knowledge already that cotton is the best choice for your bedsheets over synthetic fabrics. However please beware. Regular cotton requires tons and tons of chemical pesticides to grow. These pesticides contain toxic chemicals whose exposure can lead to weak immune systems and cause  ailments. 

Cotton is used to craft different products and traces of these chemicals can cause lasting damage. Regular cotton requires the most amount of water to grow compared to other plants. 

Its therefore recommendable to buy organic cotton bedsheets instead. 

As organic cotton is grown sustainably on farms without using pesticides,  your organic bedding will not contain any harmful substances. Even the dyes used on organic bed sheets don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Organic cotton bed sheets are hypoallergenic, so they are a great option for the  sensitive skin as well as immune system of your kids.

Thread Count: 

The thread count represents the quality of the fabric in terms of comfort and durability. The thread count can be calculated by counting the number of vertical threads twisted and horizontal thread weft yarns in a square inch of the fabric. This means higher the thread count softer and more durable will be the fabric. You could check the density of intertwined threads in a fabric by looking at the fabric against the sunlight.

 Size matters: 

Not just the material but a right size bedsheet is also extremely important for good night sleep of your child. You don’t want the bedsheets to hanging out of the crib or the bed of your child. The loose or the extra fabric is not necessarily safe for your children, therefore, before buying the bedsheets know the exact size of the crib or the bed of your child. In addition, make sure to measure the width and of the mattresses as well so that the bedsheets cover the mattress perfectly.

To say in a nutshell, being mindful of the fabric, thread count and  its size are crucial factors you must stay mindful of  so that a healthy and peaceful sleep of your kids can be ensured. 

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